Migrating to Australia

Choosing to migrate to another country is a big decision – one of the largest decisions of your life.  With the decision to migrate to Australia comes several financial as well as emotional changes as you establish yourself in your new homeland.

Each year, around 170,000 people migrate to Australia from all over the world including nations such as the UK, South Africa, China and India.  There are 3 main routes for migrating to Australia including:

1. Skilled Migration Program – the most common method of migrating to Australia.  In the 09/10 financial year, 64% of migrants to Australia came via the Skilled Migration program.

2. Family Migration Program – this accounted for around 36% of migrants to Australia in 09/10.

3. Special Eligibility Program – this seeks to assist the migration of refugees to Australia.

Financial Migration to Australia

Moving to Australia is a complex process and one which has repercussions to every aspect of your life.  One area that many people tend to overlook when preparing to emigrate is financial planning.  To successfully set yourself up financial in Australia, you should consider getting professional financial planning advice to assist you in understanding how to manage your assets such as pensions andretirement savings in your home country, and how to move these to Australia as cheaply and as easily as possible.

Free Ebook:  Migrating to Australia

The Sydney financial planners at Financial Spectrum have written a free Ebook about Migrating to Australia from a financial planning perspective.  The ebook gives an introduction to basic concepts such as how to transfer your assets from overseas to Australia (e.g. cash, pensions, and other assets such as property), and how to establish yourself financially in Australia.  There is also an introduction to the Australian Tax system, , banking in Australia, superannuation and how to seek professional financial planning advice for migration to Australia.


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2 Responses to “Migrating to Australia”

  1. Vanessa O'Sullivan February 22, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    Very informative post and I found the information about Visas quite interesting. Being able to afford to move to Australia is crucial, so very useful information.

  2. Australiaebook June 15, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    Migrating to Australia can be really daunting and requires great planning.