With the dismal performance of many superannuation funds over the past 18 months, many Australians are looking at new ways to have greater control over their savings for retirement.  Combining this discontentment with super fund performance with the Australian love affair with property has created the new buzz in saving for retirement – buying property through a Self Managed Super Fund.  But is this the right strategy for everyone?

If you’re thinking about setting up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) to take advantage of the ability to buy property you should really consider seeking the advice of a financial planner who is experienced in this area.  There are many rules and regulations which govern the setting up and operation of Self Managed Super Funds.  To receive the benefits of having a SMSF such as the significantly reduced tax rates, you really need professional advice from an experienced financial planner to ensure that the fund complies with the various rules and regulations and that it remains compliant.

Whilst having a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) can open the doors to greater control and with it the ability to invest in property, it is certainly not a viable option for everyone.  However, for those who are suitable having a SMSF can open the doors to some exciting strategies to assist in reducing tax and maximising retirement savings and income.

We urge anyone considering a Self Managed Super Fund or using their SMSF to invest into property to consult a financial adviser for expert advice and ongoing assistance in the management of the fund.


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